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House Blessing and Energy Cleansing

Have you ever thought about the energy your home collects? What you drag into your space after a bad day or all of those outside vibrations your guests bring in? And what about the remaining energy from those who lived in your home before you? When a home is sold, previous occupants will remove their belongings, but their energy lingers in the space.  If there has been a lot of disharmony in the home, the energy in the space will reflect that.  If there has been a death in the home, sickness, or emotional distress such as chronic anxiety or depression, that energy will linger as well. Energy functions almost like dust and clutter—it’s easily collected. “Your home surrounds your whole energetic being. 

Prominent traditions include ritual cleansing:  Christian Blessing, Feng Shui and Native American “Saging.”  The native American practice of smudging includes SAFELY wafting smoke from burning sage leaves around your home to bless and purify a space.

The energetic cleansing process I use is a combination of Christian blessings with holy water, subtly scented essential oil and botanically infused room spray, prayers, smudging with sage and harmonic sound balancing with crystal singing bowls and tuning forks.


Smudging is a Native American Practice of SAFELY wafting smoke of leaves such as sage or basil


Singing bowls can bring harmony and balance to the energies in a space.


Holy water is water that has been blessed by a member of the clergy or a religious figure, or derived from a well or spring considered holy



Subtly scented botanical sprays with Holy Water at it's base are used to add an additional layer to clear and bless each room.


Hands On Training (Optional)

Your house blessing will include your own smudging kit with written instructions and hands-on training on how to continue the practice of blessing and cleansing the energy of your home.


Cost is based on the square footage and location.

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