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THE HUMAN BIOFIELD:  The body produces its own electrical activity.  Wherever there is electrical activity, there is also a magnetic field.  This is basic physics and applies to all life. 

                                 DID YOU KNOW?


Your heart emits an electromagnetic field that changes according to your emotions? 

  • ·Your heart is an electric oscillator that produces an electric charge.

  •  The electrical nature of our heart creates a magnetic field that surrounds our body.

  •  Every pulse wave of our heart is encoded with the vibrational frequency of our


  •  Every emotion has its’ own frequency.


What this means is that we are all broadcasting the information of our emotions into the magnetic field that surrounds our body, just like a radio signal.



In 1994 a panel of scientists at the National Institute of Health chose the word “Biofield” to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. The Biofield is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energy, or chi.


When we are feeling positive emotions, the heart generates a more coherent, rhythmic magnetic field.  

When we experience emotional difficulty the subtle energy we radiate reflects our life’s experience.   Difficult emotions will broadcast energy distortion and incoherence. 

This emotional information is encoded into our magnetic field.  This energy is laid down in standing waves around the body.  As we generate information it moves away from us.  It is compartmentalized and time-lined (Like rings on a tree.)  What many people don’t know, is that the Human Biofield plays a very big role in our emotional wellbeing.  


With Biofield tuning we can access historical traumas that are pre-cognitive.   Locating and correcting these imbalances can result in profound emotional healing shifts.


Biofield Tuning is a non medical holistic healing technique that uses the neutral input of an activated tuning fork to assist the body in correcting energetic imbalances present in a person’s magnetic field.   


How does it work?   Biofield Tuning works in a couple of ways.  


1.  Diagnostically - When you activate a tuning fork and introduce it into a person’s magnetic field, it doesn’t just produce an objective tone.  Energy imbalances can be located easily.  This subtle energy works like using sonar.  These areas of stuck energy are like “scar tissue” in our biofield.


2.  Therapeutically - By introducing a neutral, more dominant coherent input into an area that is incoherent the body becomes self aware of it’s own noise.  What takes place is a conversation between the sound of the tuning fork and the incoherence that is present in a  persons magnetic field.   Through the physics principles of resonance and entrainment, the previously distorted energetic imbalance is transformed into a more coherent expression.   Once a trained Biofield Tuning practitioner locates these energetic distortions the energy will be combed towards the body and then drop into the chakra’s also known as energy centers or nerve plexus.  


Research suggests the body's own organizational intelligence uses the steady coherent vibrational frequency of the tuning fork to "tune" itself.  In short order, the dissonance resolves and the sense of resistance gives way. This appears to correspond to the release of tension with the body.    This form of sound therapy is very effective for healing physical and emotional imbalances.  


Our biofield is the energy substructure of the body.  Our electromagnetic bodies underlie our physical mechanical structures.  As we get older, imbalances present in our biofield begin to encroach more heavily on the body and manifest as aches and pains.  The body is more likely to break down along those areas where you have imbalances located in your magnetic field.


The human biofield holds the record of everything that has ever happened to us.  What this means is that we are all broadcasting the energy of our historical trauma!  Because energy flows along established pathways, these subtle energy connections related to difficulty and trauma function as invisible emotional triggers.  


With Biofield Tuning, very often we can get these areas of distortion to resolve completely.


Issues treated successfully with Biofield Tuning:

Pain  *  Anger Issues  *  PTSD  *  Digestive Issue  Anxiety / Panic Attacks


Addiction  *  Stuckness  *  Adrenal Fatigue  *  Depression  *  


Fear/phobias  * Guilt and  Shame  *  Unresolved Trauma


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