May all that has been reduced to noise in you, become music again
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Sound Healing Tuning Fork Training

To Resolve Emotional Overwhelm


When we go through emotional upheaval, the information produced by the body reflects our life experience.  These chaotic wave forms get laid down and trapped into the magnetic field that surrounds the body. These incoherent pulse waves present in the magnetic field are patterns that remind us at an emotional level.  Weighted tuning forks can be used to locate and correct these energetic imbalances.  The tuning fork works diagnostically and therapeutically to modulate these disturbances. These areas of distortion ca be resolved.

In this class you will receive hands-on training to learn:

  • Subtle Energy produced by the Body

  • Weighted Tuning Fork Basics.  How to activate and use a weighted Tuning Fork

  • How to locate incoherence close to the body and help it resolve

  • Learn how Sound Healing helps resolve emotional overwhelm

  • Learn about the Chakra System

  • Learn how to Balance the Chakra System

  • Sound Healing Working Close to The Body

  • Learn how to reduce emotional overwhelm

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Access Consciousness Bars Certification $350
One Day Class
Access Bars is a one day class that can change everything...


During an Access Bars class you will receive two Access Bars sessions – and gift two sessions as well!

The manual you receive will assist you in learning Access Bars including the 32 bars points on the head, the proper hand positions and other tools from Access Consciousness.

You can learn more about VFRT by visiting the NEHC Academy Website:

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New Group Sessions

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GROUP SESSION - For Crisis Overwhelm, Anxiety, Panic Attacks or Adrenal Fatigue.

Tuesday May 4, 2021 6:00 P.M. - 8:00 p.m.

1175 W. Shaw Ave. (@ Thorne)

Fresno, CA  93711

$25 Donation

Biofield Tuning is a sound healing method that works with the body's own organizing intelligence.  An activated tuning fork is used to help resolve incoherent energies in and around the body while working in the human magnetic field and with the Chakra system. 

In this session we will be working to calm elevated adrenals and incoherent pulse waves close to the body. 

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Mary Goodfeathers will use Native American based shamanism practices to tap into the power of earth, animals, plants and spirit to support healing and harmony.  Reiki focuses on the universal life force energy.  When these two methods are combined, their powers are multiplied.  Mary is a gifted intuitive Reiki Master who's wisdom and shamanic healing practices were handed down to her from her ancestors.

Previous Group Sessions

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