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What are some of the benefits of a crystal light table session?

  • Chakra clearing

  • Pain relief

  • Release of blocked emotions

  • Increased intuitive skills and growth in consciousness

  • Clarity

  • Feeling the nervous system has been rebooted

  • Aura cleansing

  • Balancing energy around emotional scars and trauma

  • Support in overcoming addictions

  • Return to sovereignty

  • Inner child restoration

  • Improved relationship with self and others

How often should I schedule a light table session?

Some choose periodic energy tune-ups for optimum health, while other clients schedule a series of appointments with an intentional focus on specific issues or challenges. For many clients, one session is sufficient as a catalyst for achieving their goals. Each session can be measured for results to determine the need for additional sessions.

How long does a light table session last?

The time on the table varies for deep cleansing and energy shifting. Multiple sessions offer the option to spend one-hour on the light table, but these sessions leave little time for talk.

What is functional integration, and why is it important?

Functional integration is the time it takes for the body to come into full balance following a session. Transformation occurs over a period of time, while transmutation is an instantaneous effect. Both occur with the light table. The deeper the issue, the more likely the need for time to restore completely. The practitioner will work with the client to determine the integration period that follows any energy session. During this time, there are suggestions for the best way to integrate the energy. These suggestions include self-care, grounding, and avoiding more energy work as the body comes into full balance.

Can sessions be done remotely? 

Everyone can experience the light table, whether in person or across the globe. The remote sessions are done at pre-arranged times. The client will be asked to lie down for 45 minutes to an hour as they receive the energy at the same time the light table is operated. The energy is directed through ether to arrive infused with your intentions and connected to divine love. (Learn more) 

What kind of people are seeking the light table experience?

Any person can benefit from a light table experience. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, healers, managers, musicians, students, clinical psychologists, teachers, and people from all walks of life and all races have been drawn to the experience.  The only belief needed to support the successful shift of energy is the knowing that everyone has a natural, innate, organic ability to heal.

The Forsyth Crystal Light Table© is a unique energy tool, invented by Russell Forsyth, that combines ancient wisdom with modern modalities to bring balance and harmony to the human body. 

The power of combined crystal therapy, magnetic therapy, sound therapy and chromo light therapy - 

Once on the table, magnetic therapy, sound therapy, chromo therapy, crystal therapy form a unique Reiki crystal grid that surrounds the entire body with vibrations. The process of bathing a person in oscillating resonance can return a person to their sovereignty in alignment with their core essence. The focus on intention, the act of ceremony, and the expressions of gratitude ensure the individual connection to the energy of love in a moment of divinity.

One of the most practical applications of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table© involves the chakras and the body’s energy centers. The tones from the crystal bowls stream into the chakras with true harmonic vibrations that displace lower frequencies. This allows for the removal of blockages and the clearing of energy channels clogged by stress, negative emotions, or trauma on all levels.

A major component of the light table is the use of fine-cut crystals. There is a powerful therapeutic effect delivered by these fine gems that are one of the only minerals on earth that have a measurable vibration. The frequency held by crystals are an identical match to the rate of vibrations held by the human body and the frequency of water. By directing low doses of natural radiation into the energy, in combination with sound vibrations tuned to a certain frequency that matches each charka, a molecular restructuring or re-patterning can occur. (Dr. Marcel Vogel, founder of the Vogel Cut Crystal)

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