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New Thought Community

New Thought Community is a diverse spiritual family, guided by Universal Principles and devoted to awakening to the Divine Presence within each of us. We are committed to loving, inspiring, and healing.  At New Thought Community, we are committed to creating a safe and sacred place for people from all walks of life. In this community we discover our path, purpose, and spiritual nature so that we may live cooperatively, grow personally, and enrich the world as a spiritual community. We do this by teaching practical tools for living, grown from the following Universal Principals:

There has been some confusion about our location.    I hope you will continue to follow me to my new location.  I am temporarily seeing clients at New Thought Community.  Anyone who has ever had a session with me knows that I work in the Auric Biofield and approach the body as far as 6 feet away from the body.  I need an office with enough room to work all the way around the body and that has been hard to find.  The correct and current location is at 2080 N. Winery Avenue, Suite 101 Fresno 93703.


Fig Garden
Wellness Center


The Fig Garden Wellness Center permanently closed in May 2023.

The Fig Garden Wellness Center was located at 1175 W. Shaw Avenue


Calling Back Your Light

A Journey of Profound Transformation and Emotional Recovery

"The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning, but I didn’t take it.  The ailment came from within myself, but I didn’t observe it until this moment.  If you are willing to take-up the mantle of healing yourself, being your own fuel, being your own light, then you can shift your perspective and forge your own path." (Shannon Lee)

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