The Innergy Center



TO FACILITATE the opening of awareness of each individual to their spiritual nature.


TO TEACH self care and the practices that lead to the ongoing growth of our "best self" and higher spiritual vibration.


TO ENCOURAGE individuals to develop spiritual well-being through learning and expanding self awareness, thereby embracing their spiritual gifts and purpose.

The Innergy Center is located at:   1128 W. Gettysburg Avenue, Fresno, CA  93711

The Innergy Center was founded by Mary Goodfeathers and Sydney Farr


Energy Healing with Diana Montijo:

Biofield Tuning with Crystals, Sound, and Chromo Therapy, Access Bars,

VFRT (Vibrational Fascia Release Technique) and Reiki

By Appointment

Tuning forks used to locate and correct incoherent wave forms that are present on and around the body. As we experience difficulties in life these energies stay with us and continue to inform us in a way that bypasses the conscious mind.  These energies can become stagnant, distorted or stuck. Tuning forks and crystal bowls emits pure tonal frequencies which assist the body to correct these distortions in the energy fields that surrounds the body thus recalibrating your energy into harmony.

Contact:     559.284.8400  

Energy Healing with Mary Goodfeathers:

Biofield Access Bars Facilitator, Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Master, Divine Intentional Healing (DIH), Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing with Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks.

By Appointment

Mary is a gifted, intuitive healing practitioner who works closely with clients to determine the best approach for each session.  Having worked with Mary collaboratively, I have been  blown-away by her ability to work with subtle energy.  Mary is well known in the community for her integrity, her kind nature and her gifts as an effective healing practitioner.  

Contact:     559.718.6618 

Qi Gong and Meditation

Thursday Evenings

6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Dan Vasquez offers "Chi Gong and Meditation"  


Amazing stretching, but Chinese style.  Come learn about awakening the Chi, Infinity, and five tigers opposing.  Your choice to stand or sit in a chair.  


$5 LOVE Donation

Angelic Readings with Elisa Moffitt

By Appointment


Come in and explore Elisa Moffitt's Angelic connection to the Divine Realm she has a gift that is full of grace. You will enjoy indulging her divine wisdom. She will give you insight to your own divine calling and help you jumpstart your healing process with a touch of loving peaceful light energy.

Call for appointment.  559.304.8649

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