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Virtual Family Group

Up to 5 Participants

  • 2 hours
  • 400 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

This family healing session is designed to address ancestral and difficult family patterns, as well as intricate relationship dynamics. This unique session focuses on the powerful interplay between energy, emotions, and ancestral imprints that influence our lives. Guided by Diana, you'll engage in healing practices aimed at releasing energetic blockages and promoting a shift in your family and relationship dynamics. By tapping into the collective energy of the group, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing generational wounds, and fostering healthier connections. Experience the potential for transformative change as you navigate the intricate web of ancestral influences and find new paths to personal growth and harmonious relationships. Distance energy healing sessions offer the opportunity to receive powerful healing energy and support from the comfort of your own space. Through the connection of intention, energy, and consciousness, our experienced practitioners can facilitate healing, balance, and restoration regardless of physical distance. During a distance energy healing session, we establish a strong energetic connection with you, focusing on your specific needs and intentions. Through various energy healing techniques and practices, we direct healing energy to clear blockages, release stagnant emotions, restore balance, and promote overall well-being. You will be guided to relax, open yourself to receive the healing energy, and experience the transformative effects it can have on your mind, body, and spirit. Distance energy healing sessions provide a powerful and effective means of accessing healing energy and can be just as impactful as in-person sessions. Embrace the convenience and profound benefits of distance energy healing as you embark on your personal journey of wellness and transformation. Time, an intricate illusion woven by perception, bends and warps as our existence dances with the ever-shifting rhythms of the universe.

Cancellation Policy

For Private Sessions, cancellations will incur a $25 cancellation Fee when not made more than 2 Days in advance.

Contact Details

  • 2060 North Winery Avenue, Fresno, CA, USA

    (559) 284-8400

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