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Vibrational Fascia Release Technique

Pain Relief & Increased Mobility

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • North Winery Avenue

Service Description

What is it? This is a therapy that focuses on pain relief and mobility resolution through the use of medical-grade weighted tuning forks on the body’s fascia network. It’s a vibrational based healing modality combining vibration with pressure to release inflammation and disburse interstitial fluid to help restore the fascia to its natural state of being which reduces pain, joint stiffness, lymphedema, lower back pain, headaches, muscle fatigue, trauma and injury, sinus pressure and more. Symptoms of unhealthy fascia: Poor mobility Poor posture (hunched posture) Lack of flexibility and strength Lack of body-symmetry Pain, aches and stiffness Feelings of discomfort and stress Poor healing of a physical injury Reduced range of motion How it Works? The fascia is one complex, holistic regulating organ primarily made up of collagen which is everywhere in the body and all connected. It is the connective tissue that surrounds and penetrates every muscle, surrounds bones, covers organs and envelops every nerve and acts as a channel of communication. The fascia collagen fibres can tighten and form knots that we can feel beneath the skin. Because of the fascia full body connection, pain in one area can create symptoms in another area and affect movement elsewhere in the body. Benefits of maintaining healthy fascia: Better posture Reduced risk of injury Less day to day pain Better quality of sleep Improved work performance Improved healing response of the body to physical injury Body alignment improved Balanced energy levels What happens during the session? Vibrational Fascia Release Technique is performed while the client is fully clothed, either sitting or lying on a massage table. The client is fully awake and participates in the feedback process as I identify and release the restrictions associated with pain and mobility by using palpitation, pressure and the application of tuning forks to the body. The tuning fork is applied to the soft tissue of the body. Scar Treatments: Hypertrophic scarring presents as an area of increased induration over the site of a wound, especially areas of increased wound tension. V.F.R.T. can help release the tension around a scar that accumulates over time. This is common after surgeries, such as plastic surgery for tummy tucks. This can help improve the scar, however it does not completely remove a scar. Mostly it can improve the discomfort associated with the tension around the scar.

Cancellation Policy

For Private Sessions, cancellations will incur a $25 cancellation Fee when not made more than 2 Days in advance.

Contact Details

  • 2080 N Winery Ave suite 101, Fresno, CA, USA

    (559) 284-8400

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