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Break-up First Aid

Healing Hearts & Moving Forward

  • 2 hr
  • 450 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

This is a wellness package comprised of 3 individual 2 Hr. Sessions During these specialized session, we will be working close to the body employing powerful subtle energy healing practices such as Reiki, Shamanic Healing and sound healing with tuning forks and BG3 (Bio-geometry Healing). This session will work to lighten the load of heavy of difficult emotions that may have created a type of emotional freeze. Through gentle and compassionate care, Diana's aim is to unburden the weight of emotional pain, allowing you to find solace and reclaim your personal power. By addressing the energetic imbalances associated with the breakup, she will help facilitate emotional release, promote healing, and ignite a sense of empowerment. Thes emotional first aid energy healing sessions aims to provide immediate relief, helping you find comfort and support during this challenging time by restoring energetic harmony, promoting self-love, and assisting you in reclaiming your personal power. The aim is to support and guide you towards emotional healing. Session 1: * Energy Exercise Tool #1 How to metabolize the energy of heavy and difficult emotions (This is an important energy exercise you learn that helps you for the rest of your life). * Energy healing, working to clear the energy of heavy emotions that are close to the body. This includes targeting the feet and the knees which holds energy of keeping you stuck and spinning in a painful place. * We will also target the area around the heart where Sadness grief and loss gets stored. * We will work around the area of the left hip where the energy of disappointment and frustration get encoded. Session 2: * Energy Exercise Tool #2 Connecting to the light within (This is an energy exercise you learn that helps to empower an improved sense of self worth. *Energy healing work targeting the outer Biofield where the energy of healthy and unhealthy attachments are stored. * Working in areas specific to you that are needed. Session 3: * Energy Exercise Tool #3 "Calling Back Your Light" (This is an energy exercise for pulling your energy back. *Energy healing work that still needs to be addressed. *Removing unhealthy cords and attachments. Take this opportunity to prioritize your emotional well-being and embark on a journey of self-nurturing and self-care. Book an emotional first aid energy healing session that will support you on the path to renewed emotional wholeness and inner strength.

Cancellation Policy

For Private Sessions, cancellations will incur a $25 cancellation Fee when not made more than 2 Days in advance.

Contact Details

  • 2060 North Winery Avenue, Fresno, CA, USA

    (559) 284-8400

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