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Unlock the power of energetic connections and experience the same benefits as those who attended our live session. This transformative session is designed to address and eliminate the presence of etheric cords, roots, hooks, shackles, and other etheric artifacts that bind individuals energetically and function as energy leaks.


Etheric energy cords, also known as energetic binds, are formed from astral and etheric energy, establishing a subtle connection between two individuals. Similar to an umbilical cord, these cords extend between people, enabling the communication and transfer of energy. Remarkably, the distance between individuals holds no significance as these cords are not physical in nature, rendering their effectiveness even across vast distances, spanning the entire planet. Emotional relationships between friends, colleagues, or even adversaries can give rise to the creation of etheric cords. These connections have the potential to result in energy leaks or drain, impacting our vitality. Deep affection, as well as feelings of resentment and judgment, can perpetuate these etheric attachments that bind people together. During meditation, these cords become visible, often appearing in dark hues, as attested by those who have observed them."

My Body, My Temple Recorded

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