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Experience healing and release from heartbreak, sadness, grief, and loss through our transformative group distance energy healing session. Diana will guide you through a powerful collective healing journey, combining intention, tuning fork therapy and energy healing techniques directed towards addressing emotional wounds.


With the support of the group's energy and intention, you will have the opportunity to release stagnant emotions, find solace, and embark on a path of healing and renewal. Join this upcoming group session and discover the transformative power of distance energy healing in a supportive and nurturing environment. Find healing for your heart and reclaim a sense of inner peace and emotional well-being.


Researchers suggest that distance healing works because we are all connected through a common network or field. This field is full of chi, which, depending on culture and tradition, may alternatively be called prana, ki, universal energy, or bioenergy, among other terms. Energy healers readily tap into this field, which permeates and surrounds the body.  If you have trouble with the concept, think of radio waves, you can’t see them, but still they manage to broadcast the latest pop song to your radio. You can’t see your neighbor’s wifi but if you knew the secret code, you could use it to surf the web.



Heal Your Heart: Recorded Session

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