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In this guided meditation, we embark on a profound journey to call back the essence of your soul from any portal, timeline, dimension, galaxy, or level of time and space where fragments may reside due to unhealed wounds. Together, we navigate the vastness of your soul's experiences, gently drawing back the scattered fragments to reintegrate and harmonize. As we traverse the depths of your being, we illuminate and release the imprints of past wounds, allowing your soul's essence to return to its wholeness. Join me on this transformative voyage to reclaim the fullness of your soul's light and embrace a profound healing of the self.


Trauma and unhealed wounds can create a profound impact on our energy body, leading to a form of soul loss or fragmentation. In the face of overwhelming experiences, parts of our essence can disengage as a survival mechanism, creating a fragmentation in our energy field. These scattered fragments often hold the imprints of pain and memories, influencing our present experiences. Energy healing endeavors to gently guide us back to wholeness by addressing and integrating these fragmented aspects. It's a journey of self-discovery and restoration, allowing us to reclaim the lost pieces of our soul, fostering healing, and nurturing a more complete and vibrant energy body.


Calling Back Your Light

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