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Smudging is a tradition, common to many First Nations, which involves the burning of one or more medicines gathered from the earth. 


This kit includes:


1 Small Abalone Shell

1 Small Smudge Stick

1 Bottle of Money Spray (5 Oz.)

1 Jade bracelet


The money you aquire is tainted with the negative energies others hold related to lack of money.   When you spend physical cash, you are sending those energies out in a way that can effect you.


You can use our Smudge Kit & Money Spray in all kinds of different ways! The possibilities are endless. You can to use it in your home after smudging, you can spray your doorways, your debit cards, your wallet, you can spray it at work, when you are meditating or journaling, or just anytime you need a high-vibe energy boost to attract what you desire. Just shake well, meditate and spray!


Money Smudge Kit

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