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Spiritual Salt Scrubs are the process of tending to the body, removing negative energy attachments with intention while using the strength of the full moon.

Spiritual baths have been used in many cultures to cleanse the soul, clear the mind, and ultimately heal the chakras with an intention to heal the spirit. The idea of a spiritual bath is said to help clear any blockage that can lead to more serious illnesses.


Cleansing often entails removing or clearing negative emotions, energies, or forces. It’s also meant to restore balance. spiritual baths are part of many religious traditions.  Spiritual bathing works in several ways. Our minds are very powerful tools and have sway over how our bodies feel. When we engage in a practice that we believe will benefit us, it often does.


No matter what your faith background is, spiritual bathing can benefit you. Once you find the right combination of ingredients and practices, you’ll wonder how you got through life without regular spiritual baths.


Candle and towel are not included.


Evil Eye - Spiritual Bath Cleanse

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