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High Quality Copal Tears:


The sacred resin of the native peoples of South America and Mexico. Requires Charcoal Tablets for burning.  Light a piece of charcoal and place on a heat-safe surface. Allow it to burn until it has turned white hot. Burn a few tears on the hot charcoal to melt the resin and release its sweet scent.  

These superb all natural resins are from botanical origins and may be burned and compounded for the ultimate aromatic experience. Great for scent and ceremony, the burning of resins has a deep history throughout the worlds many religions and have continued to be used for ceremonial purposes to this day. Made from 100% natural tree and plant resins and containing no synthetic fragrances, binders, or other burning agents.


Copal is a general name that describes the resinous substance exuded from a variety of tree genera. Typically, these trees come from tropical climates and their resin has historical uses by indigenous tribes in ceremonial settings. Our copal resin comes from Shorea javanica. Copal is traditionally burned as incense. It is used by a number of indigenous people in southern Mexico and Central America during sweat lodge ceremonies as well as sacred mushroom ceremonies. Copal is also found in East Africa and Indonesia. Ceremonially, the resin is placed on hot coals for spiritual cleansing.

Abalone Shell sold separately.

Copal Tears

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