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Often body care workers such as estheticians, manicurists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, energy healers all serve in some capacity as a trusted therapist.  Clients often "Unload" alot of energy and information when receiving your services.  After they leave, their energy lingers and the next client does the same, and so-on and so-on. 


Client Smudge Mist, is crystal-infused and contains herbs, roots and botanicals. Mindfully handcrafted to be cleansing dense and heavy energy that is left behind by clients.  This product contains holy water.   These products contain the same formula I use to clear the energy of my treatment table.


In my practice I work with clients who are clearing large amounts of dense and heavy energy related to different trauma's.  The ingredients in my sprays are the same ingredients I use to cleanse the energy of my treatment table in between clients so that the next client will be safe and wont pick-up energy from a previous client.

Client Smudge

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